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Current Obsessions

The most important day of the year is this Sunday!  But I’m sure everyone has already been thinking about spoiling the special women in their lives for a while now.

It’s my 2nd Mother’s Day (technically 3rd since  I became a mama the minute I found out I was knocked up  – well, after the tears and dread, but that’s another post) and it really is the best club to be a member of.

I’ve requested a simple picnic at the park w/ my men so hopefully hubby, who is notoriously bad at planning, will step it up and at remember to pack some sandwiches or a couple of Capri Suns. Of course, a few extra goodies is always greatly appreciated and never hurts.

Mother's Day Goodies

Mara hoffman

Chloé cross body handbag

Baublebar jewelry

Jo malone

To Wear or Not to Wear


Me: “What do you think of these shorts? Are they too pajama-y?”

Hubs after raising one eyebrow and looking me up and down (never a good sign): “Uhh, are you wearing them outside?”

Me: “YES. They have pockets! See?”

Hubs: “Can you make me some lunch?”

Me: “C’mon! Return or keep?”

Hubs: “Definitely return”

Me: “Whatever, I’m keeping them.”

Hubs” “WHY do you even ask when you already knew you were going to keep them?!”

These are cute, no?  They have pockets! AND elastic. a win/win on this mama’s hips!

                                                                                          Forever 21 – Serape Pattern Shorts

Friends & Family Shopping

I have a confession. I am a shopaholic. I don’t splurge on a lot of designer duds, I can’t pull the trigger on that but I can go nuts at Target w/o a blink of an eye and not think twice. Why, yes, now that I think about it, I do need to pick up a lamp, this picture frame, and colander while I’m here getting toilet paper.

I also window shop at least twice a week, usually before bed, aimlessly putting things in shopping carts all over the web. Then I get angry at myself for not going to bed sooner and wasting precious sleep time and abandon all together. Then I lay there for at least 20 minutes wondering if I should just buy it since I spent 30 minutes prior deciding what size and color to get. Oh, the vicious cycle.

Since we’re going on vacation soon, I’ve been using that as an excuse to get a little crazy with the spending, but this weekend is also Spring’s Friends and Family sales! 20-30% off. I mean, that’s the best time to stock up on essentials and basics M’IRITE???

  • Sephora – 15% off Beauty Insider Members. Use code CHIC. Stocking up on these:
  1. Clarisonic Cleansing Brushes – my 2x daily cleaning ritual
  2. Benefit Porefessional Primer – best primer to keep my makeup from sliding off my greasy face!
  3. Lotus Eye Gel – love this eye cream that keeps me looking less like the walking dead
  4. Clinique Moisture Surge Intense – never been a fan of Clinique until I used this product. My face is dryer than the Sahara during the winter and this kept me ultra moisturized.
  • Rebecca Minkoff – 30%; Use code Friends30
  • JCrew – 25% Swim; Use code SUNNYDAYS
  • Kate Spade – 25%; Use code S13FFUS
  • Gap – 30%; Use code 4FRIENDS13


The countdown begins for our first family vacay to ARUBA in just 15 days! I’m starting to overcome the dread I normally feel when I think about Caden on a plane for 4 hours and actually feeling a bit excited! I know I have a tendency to be a majorly impatient asshole with my hubs – and I admit it – kinda uptight on trips just because I’m not one to do well with changes. Throw a crazy, apple juiced up toddler into the equation, and we might have situation. HOWEVER, I am DETERMINED to make this trip memorable and Shutterfly album worthy and not drink myself into mommy obliteration to take the edge off. (Husband is not a drinker, so I could if I wanted 🙂 )

So of course, I have been shopping like a mad woman and using every possible excuse to go run to Target because we “need” something for Aruba. Since I doubt we will be basking on the beach and relaxing w/ a mai tai in hand w/ my little man running around, I’ve scouring the internet and malls for a swimsuit that is mommy friendly so I won’t have to suck in my left over baby weight 24/7 or run the risk of indecently exposing myself.

With all the drama and sickness boggin us down lately, I am uber excited for the change of scenery for our little fam.